Over the last six years, an army of modders has been hard at work, trying to make Oblivion into the game they always imagined it should be. There’s now a vast array of mods that can take the game in many different directions. Oscuro’s and Francesco’s overhauls reinvent the game’s challenges and levels. Midas’ Magic Spells of Aurum give you godlike power and the ability to nuke your foes. There are thousands, so we’ve chosen best-made and most polished examples of one of the most prolific and dedicated modding communities out there.

2006’s Oblivion brought the previously niche Elder Scrolls franchise into the mainstream. Though it is a great RPG game, Bethesda made some bad design choices and it is rather an old game. These mods should fix a lot of stuff without causing any crashes and FPS problems and are not game-changing mods. Also, all of them are easy, so you do not need any prior modding experience.

An epic and huge fantasy world filled with quirky characters, interesting questlines, and a ton of variety in how you wish to play. Although the main story wasn’t all it could’ve been and has since been largely panned, the rest of the game’s content is superb, and the huge variety of Best Oblivion mods 2020 only make it deeper, richer, and more replayable.

It has been a long time since the release of Oblivion, meaning that most of the graphics used in the game are outdated. For example, the characters of the game are quite ugly and have poor graphics. The following mods will make the game visually more stunning; improve texture and the overall environment of the game:

Darnified UI
This mod is designed to change the original game’s UI making it more compact while keeping the original color scheme. It makes the maps lager while making the fonts smaller. Moreover, it also elongates the inventory list. Having this mod will improve the overall gaming experience with these little modifications, and more.

Character Overhaul
No matter how big of a fan you are of Oblivion, you will have to agree that the game lacks good graphics. Although you might defend the game by saying it has some great art but you’ll have to agree that the graphics have not aged well. The most obvious example of it is depicted on the faces of the characters. However, this mod is sure to improve the faces of the characters making them the best version of themselves.

Unique Landscapes
“Unique landscapes” is a collection of mods. These mods are developed by different people. These mods aim to modify each and every location in Cyrodiil. Each model is crafted by a different developer and shows the individuality of the developer. Therefore, no single location is remotely identical. If you want to see the best of Cyrodiil then combine unique landscapes mods with the following:

Natural Environments
Natural Environments fixes some environmental problems in the original Oblivion. Moreover, it adds new seasonal weather types and 40 new weather conditions.

Qarls Texture Pack III
This mod makes every texture in Oblivion look cleaner and totally transforming Cyrodiil. This mod is quite heavy and might even affect the performance but the graphics upgrade is definitely worth it.