There is nothing quite like a fresh slice of homemade bread. It’s usually healthier than store-bought bread and also much tastier. But making bread can be difficult especially for those who haven’t experienced bakers.

Bread making is also time-consuming when you consider the time spent kneading the dough and letting the bread rise during the different stages. If you like homemade bread and want to take the guesswork out of making it at home, you should purchase a good bread machine.

A quality bread machine does all the hard work for you. Most Best Bread Machines simply require you to add your ingredients and choose the best kneading and baking cycle based on the type of bread you’re making.

You can make many different types of bread in a bread machine including whole wheat and sweetbreads like raisin bread. You can also choose to have the machine make the dough for you if you want to make rolls or pizza.

  • Oster 2-Pound Expressbake Bread Machine

If you like the idea of fresh, easy homemade bread but don’t want to break the budget on a machine, this bread machine has a value price tag, but still has plenty of features.

This can make loaves up to two pounds and has 12 bread setting and three crust settings so you can make a variety of loaves of bread, knead your dough, or make jam. If you’re in a hurry, the Expressbake feature can produce a finished loaf in under an hour.

This has a large LCD display that shows how bread making is progressing. A 13-hour delay timer allows you to add ingredients and bake later. A keep-warm setting will keep the loaf warm for you. This includes a measuring cup and spoon.

  • T-Fal ActiBread Programmable Bread Machine

While most new bread makers have one gluten-free setting, this one offers three options for gluten-free pieces of bread: gluten-free salty, gluten-free sweets, and gluten-free cake.

But that doesn’t mean it’s only for gluten-free baking, it also has settings for rapid whole wheat, whole wheat, salt-free, super rapid, rapid sweet bread, French bread, sweet bread, cooking, dough only, cake, jam, and pasta dough.

It makes bread in three sizes, up to 2 pounds, and has three crust darkness settings. A delayed start for up to 15 hours means you can have bread ready when you want it. It automatically keeps the bread warm after baking for up to one hour and there’s a window so you can check the progress of the bread.

Be forewarned, reviewers report that the manual for this model has some errors, so recipes may need to be tweaked to get the best results.

  • SKG Automatic Bread Machine 2-Pound

Dozens of reviewers describe this bread machine as “easy to use,” which is why it seems to be such a hit with beginners. “I purchased this bread machine because I struggle with making homemade bread, and really needed something that is fool-proof. This little gem made me perfect bread,” writes one. “The first time, I followed the instructions exactly for the #1 simple bread, and it was perfect.”

Other beginners were concerned their bread wouldn’t be as authentic from this machine as if they made it themselves, but at least one reviewer assures that this isn’t the case: “As newbies to this sort of thing, we thought we were making some compromises in order to keep things simple. Bread-making is way easier than we thought it would be, and we’re really enjoying fresh bread, without all the additives of store-bought.”

One likes the machine so much, he jokes, “I’m going to get fat,” but overall he feels the machine is worth it, writing, “Very easy machine to use, but it all in, and it does the work. Bam, 3 hours later you have bread.”