Nebraska Reserve Baseball League


1) Designated runner can be used for the pitcher and catcher. The Designated runner shall be a player not in the game currently. The same runner cannot run for both the catcher and pitcher.

2) Starters can reenter in the same spot in the batting order after being removed. Once a pitcher is removed he cannot reenter as a pitcher.

3) A player can be on the lineup as a position player and DH. (Ex: 3/DH or 1/DH) Once removed from the defensive position he can remain as the DH. This must be on the lineup card before the game.

4) Only -3 bats which are legal for American Legion baseball are allowed to be used.

5) Base coaches do not have to wear protective helmets.

6) Coaches are not allowed to wear shorts.

7) All other rules not stated above shall be American Legion rules. (Mercy 10 after 5 innings)

Here is some important league information from the November 18th NRBL Meeting held in Gretna

– Age and grade requirements for the 2013 Season was discussed, all agreed that no 16 year olds will be allowed in Class A.  2 allowed in Class B and 4 allowed in Class C.  The eligibility date for NRBL would be players born “ on or after January 1, 1998 “ are eligible to participate in the NRBL.  Only 2 – 16 year olds can partiicpate in Class B and 4 -16 year olds in Class C..  The eligibility date for these 16 year old players is “ on or after January 1, 1997.

-Dual roster players were discussed in length, all present agreed agreed on the following

A. No Junior or Senior Legion player can be moved down to NRBL.

B.  Once a NRBL player gets moved up to Junior or Senior Legion, that player has to stay up.  He cannot move back down to NRBL

C.  In class B and C only a “Select Player” ( limit of 3 ) can be moved up to and placed on a high school team roster.  Once “select   player or players” are on a roster they can not be removed.  Junior or Senior Legion players are not part of this exception request or approval.

D.  A exception can be requested for teams that fall below 9 players.  That request need to go to Mike Castagnoli and all efforts will be made to help that team find a solution that will work for that team and teams in that division

– The last day for regular seasons games will be July 14, 2013

– The NRBL State Tournament will begin July 19 or July 20, 2013  ( Host site option )