Sometimes it can be hard to find the best sport streaming sites, as there are not really that many places to go. You may be abroad or your cable TV may not offer the sports event due to channel restrictions. Sometimes you might need to pay extra to watch major sporting events. This is why I have made an easy list of the best live sports websites for 100% free streams. Such sites are great to watch live rugby, soccer, football, MMA (UFC), and basketball. You can also stream many other games such as golf, baseball (MLB), ice hockey, or boxing. Each site in the table below is ranked based on the absence of ads & pop-ups, ease of use, image quality, and the overall user-experience. Now you have a quick reference to access at any time.

Sports streaming sites is a new trend nowadays. Modern people with a busy schedule can now watch their favorite players playing the game whenever they want. Free Sports streaming sites are web portals where you enjoy your favorite sports matches. With everyone having access to high-speed internet connectivity, It is easy for people to watch these gaming documentaries instead of going to the stadium.

We have found a list of best and free live sports streaming sites of 2019 where you can stream your favorite sports matches online. Also, did we forget to mention that they are free?


One of the best free sports streaming sites out there, SportLemon is a massive site that you can rely on for streaming your favorite sport(s) when all other sides start having server issues. First off, SportLemon provides streaming for a ton of sports with multiple links so that everyone can avail of a working stream.

Moreover, you can find live streams of your preferred sport on the top right tab of every window, as well as navigate through various categories of sports with ease and grace.

  • Feed2all

Now when I initially starting researching this list of sites to watch sports online free I was compelled to include Feed2all because of its simplicity. The landing page is easy on the eyes, and by that I mean there is no glare should you be watching in a dark room. All upcoming games are listed with an illustrative logo next to each:

It’s a no-brainer to get watching live boxing, UFC, and WWE. There’s also cricket, Formula1, MotoGP, and snooker. The only downside comes with the rare offline moments when thousands of users need to check back here to find an alternative site.


  1. Possible to select your current timezone & display kick-off times appropriately
  2. Straight-forward layout & presentation
  3. Less/no adds that impeded watching


  1. I would suggest a more attractive logo and color pairing be used while keeping the simplicity advantage
  2. Updating happens slightly slower than on the preceding sites above.
  • Bosscast

Being a new US-based site, Bosscast is primarily fixated on sports such as Baseball, Basketball and American Football. But that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy live streaming matches from your favorite league or sport every now and then.

Thanks to its straightforward UI you can easily sift through all the lists of channels available for live streaming on the left panel as well as suss out the preview of your chosen channel in the middle. Furthermore, there is a provision for a chatbox on the right side of the screen that keeps viewers glued to screen by providing quirky inputs posted by their peers.